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iEvolve Technology Leverages the Power of RTI Control to Bring Simplicity to a New Business Office in Texas


For a multi-room, 80,000-square-foot space at Omni Flow Compute rs, the Texas-based company turned to RTI’s advanced control ecosystem to make a state-of-the art AV system incredibly easy to use. Designed around RTI’s XP-8s control processor, AD-8x audio distribution systems, and beautifully designed KX7 in-wall touchscreens, integrator iEvolve Technology was able to custom-build a user experience that takes no more than a few screen taps to operate.

Omni Flow Computers located in Sugar Land, Texas, is a leader in the delivery of transfer-quality flow computer products to the oil and gas industry. Established 25 years ago, the company was looking to fit its newest site with a state-of-the art AV system that would be powerful and tremendously easy to use. Designed to support staff members during presentations and training sessions as well as provide entertainment during break times, the RTI-enabled system combines powerful control processors, intuitive user interfaces, and audio distribution capabilities to create a custom control solution that seamlessly automates common commercial applications.

“Omni Flow was looking for an end-to-end solution that would le t employees learn to control any of the facility’s installed systems or components in a matter of minutes,” said M ike Roberts, owner at iEvolve Technology. “By creating custom-made interfaces with RTI’s programming software, we easily tailored the user interface to enable staff members to operate any facet of the system by simply tapping t hrough clearly labeled icons on a touchscreen. By adding the power of R TI’s control processing equipment and multi-zone audio distribution capabilities, we were able to provide reliable power on the bac kend while keeping things incredibly user-friendly.”

Powered by the robust RTI XP-8s control processor, Omni Flow Computers’ new 80,000-square-foot space gains fully automated operation of a wide range of components i ncluding televisions, audio equipment, as well as conferencing and presentation gear. The second generation of the XP-8, the company’ s flagship XP-8s brings a higher level of processing power and more integrated m emory to drive automated systems ranging from AV, to lighting, to HVAC systems across light commercial settings. Combined with nine RTI KX7 inwall touchpanels, Omni Flow staff are able to select systems and components easily within the c ompany’s conference rooms, training spaces, and break room. Featuring 7- inch WVGA LCD screens, the award-winning interfaces providean intuitive selection process that lets users of any technical ability operate the cutting-edge system.

Fully customized using RTI’s Integration Designer® programming software, the integrator was able to import graphics created in Adobe® Photoshop® into RTI interfaces while creating custom-made icons that give employees one-touch access to preset applications. For instance, by pressing the “Family Feud” icon on the KX7’s cable box page, the company’s break room display automatically turns to a television station airing the popular game show. To mimic the Family Feud experience, the room’s KX7 has been programmed to play the show’s “ding!” sound whenever the show is on TV, and a buzzer sounds if a user presses the icon and the show is not on the air.

To deliver audio to every room, two RTI AD-8x audio distribution systems were combined create a total of 16 audio zones. Designed to be the hub of any commercial sound setup, the scalable audio distribution system provides the ability to route eight analog audio sources to eight different zones or be combined for up to 64 zones by stacking AD- 8x units. Within the facility’s reception area, RTI’s KX2 inwall touchpanel lets users operate components by tapping the sleek 2.8-inch color touchscreen while the keypad’s 12 programmable hard buttons provide even faster access access to commonly used functions. For requirements such as training or conferencing, users can connect laptops via the installation’s WePresent wireless presentation system or connect directly into a VGA/HDMI wallplate that feeds into the facility’s Just Add Power video distribution system, which is controlled by RTI. The system has also been programmed to automatically turn on at 7 a.m. while shutting down all components at 6 p.m. to keep energy costs down.

“RTI’s control system was an excellent investment for our company,” said Phil Cates, owner, Omni Flow Computers Inc. “It allowed us to integrate state-of-the art AV components into different areas of our business — increasing collaboration between staff members without scaring away employees who may not be comfortable with operating sophisticated equipment. People use the system every day, and so far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback.

"RTI’s control system was an excellent investment for our company. People use the system every day, and so far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback."
- Phil Cates Owner, Omni Flow Computers

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