Your RTI Control Pro

Every RTI control and automation system is professionally designed and installed by a trained and certified RTI technician who has consulted with you to understand your needs and priorities.

RTI communicates with thousands of connected devices and your RTI Dealer will leverage this vast pool of rich integrations—and our open software platform—to design your smart system. When you ask, “can my system do this?” the answer will be “yes, let me show you how.” The result is a control and automation system that exceeds your expectations today and your wildest dreams tomorrow.

Custom Home and Business Systems

RTI delivers the control and automation that gives you an exceptional experience where you live, where you work, and where you play—from the living room to the boardroom, from the dining room to the classroom.

The opportunities enabled by smart technologies continue to rise—from heating and air conditioning to lighting, security, multiroom
audio/video, wellness, and beyond—with a proliferation of “smart” devices each focused on a particular task. But a truly intelligent smart home is more than a collection of smart products or apps on the phone. A smart home’s real intelligence comes from having multiple systems integrated and talking to each other, and this is where your professionally installed RTI control and automation system excels.

We understand that what is “smart” for one homeowner might be cumbersome and unnecessary for another. The smart system needs to be personalized for the homeowner or business manager and customized to your needs. The RTI control system enables your RTI Control Pro to create a smart, connected, and intuitive experiences fully customized for you—from the beautiful interface or your remote, touchpanel, tablet or phone to the advanced automation working in the background.