Make Meetings And Collaboration More Efficient.

RTI Presentation Switchers deliver convenient, reliable conferencing and collaboration. Each RTI solution enables signal transmission from multiple analog or digital sources to connected projectors and displays. 

For hassle-free operation, all of our Presentation Switchers support a variety of input signals, such as HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, VGA, digital and analog audio and scale the signal resolution to match the resolution of the display.

Not Just Presentation Switchers

Depending on the model, our Presentation Switchers offer additional features such as:

  • Long-distance wiring up to 328ft (100m) between sources and display using HDBaseT technology.
  • Video conferencing support using shared USB cameras, microphones, speakers, keyboards and mice.
  • KVM capability that allows control of host PCs and connected laptops through shared keyboards, mice and touch screens.
  • Control functionality for A/V devices, lights, shades and much more.

The Versatile Video Wall Alternative


  • 4K Multi Viewer.
  • Video Scaler, Switcher and Quad Multiviewer in one Unit.
  • 16 Preset Window Layouts.
  • Switching of up to 7 Video Sources.
  • Built-in 4K Scaler with Auto-Scaling.
  • Multiple Input Formats: HDMI, Display Port, VGA, HDBaseT.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound Support.

All-In-One Control and Presentation Switcher for Conference Rooms and Lecture Halls


  • Control Processor and AV Presentation Switcher in One Unit.
  • Controls and delivers AV Signals to up to two Rooms.
  • Native Programming in APEX without the Need of Drivers.
  • Easy AV & Control Wiring across Rooms via HDBaseT.
  • Built-in 4K Scaler provides excellent Picture Quality.
  • Built-in Audio Mixer includes two Microphones Inputs.

The Ultimate Collaboration & Control Hub


  • Video Conferencing, Collaboration & Control in one unit.
  • Content Sharing for up to six Laptops, PCs and Video Sources.
  • Enables Software-Based Video Conferencing, e.g. Skype, WebEx, GoTo Meeting.
  • Multiple Input Formats: HDMI, USB-C, Display Port, VGA, USB, Audio.
  • Fewer Cables Required Using HDBaseT Communication.
  • Support for USB Keyboards, Mice, Cameras, Microphones.

Don't Worry About Formats & Resolutions


  • Multi-Format 5 x 1 Presentation Scaler Switcher.
  • Up to 1920 x 1200.
  • Inputs: HDMI, Display Port, VGA, Microphone.
  • Outputs: HDMI and Mirrored HDBaseT.
  • HDBaseT transmission up to 230ft (70m)
  • Kit includes HDBaseT Receiver.