RTI Music

One App. Three Streams. Unlimited Excitement.

RTI Music

One App. Three Streams. Unlimited Excitement.

RTI Music

One App. Three Streams. Unlimited Excitement.

Built-In Residential Streaming Services

Services via Apple AirPlay

Built-In Commercial Streaming Services

More Streaming Services Coming Soon ...

Intuitive and Easy Interface

The intuitive and elegant RTI Music interface elevates the experience and sets it apart from any other music streaming solution. Sources, rooms, and playlists are all easily accessible and personalized for maximum enjoyment.

Personalized Whole Home Audio

With three independent concurrent streams, the household will never have to argue over music. Three users can enjoy simultaneous streams from their favorite service or from their local device. RTI Music scales easily within any RTI control system.

Audiophile-Grade Audio

Although easy to operate, RTI Music supports lossless audio for the discerning listener, including 24bit/192kHz streams and lossless FLAC and ALAC formats.

Elevate Your Experience

Create favorites from multiple music platforms, compile playlists across different streaming services, or create a song queue on the fly, RTI Music makes it easy.

From Whole Home Audio To Whole Home Control

The RTI Music experience is consistent on all devices, from the mobile phone to the remote, from the wall-mounted touchpanel to your large-screen TV when paired with an RTI XP-8v processor. Simple, robust control functions, ready whenever you are. 

The Heart of the System

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Expand the RTI Music Experience

with Multi-Channel Amplifiers & Audio Matrix Switchers.