Z-Wave® Lamp Dimmer & Appliance Switch Module for Wireless Lighting Control

Plug in to any standard receptacle to control the light level of a lamp. The lamp dimming module's sensing feature allows the lamp to be turned on manually using the lamp's switch or the integrated On/Off button. Appliance switch module also available.

Z-Wave Dimmers and Switches Selection Guide (PDF)

* RTI Z-Wave devices are available exclusively in North America.

Orders of Z-Wave enabled devices could be fulfilled with either RTI or Pro Control branded units.

Both RTI and Pro Control* Z-Wave devices are fully compatible with the exact same form factor, specifications and functionality.

* Pro Control is a division of Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI)

All Z-Wave Switch Sales Are Final

Z-Wave Lighting Solutions

For the ultimate in home automation, RTI Z-Wave® lighting control solutions provide easy management of the lighting in and around a home. Enjoy the convenience of intuitive control from an in-wall smart switch, RTI user interface, smart phone, tablet or PC. Experience the added security and energy savings of automated lighting and event-based control that requires no interaction at all.


  • Many models available to meet installation and load requirements.
  • Wireless control requires a compatible two-way RTI control processor and Z-Wave interface module.
  • RTI Z-Wave devices are available exclusively in North America.
  • Integration Designer software only available to authorized RTI dealers.

Z-Wave Module - Lamp Dimmer or Appliance Switch

2-pole, 2-wire non-grounding

  • Provides an upgrade for any standard receptacle with a plug-in lamp dimming module to control the light level of any lamp, or a switch module for ON/OFF operation
  • Lamp dimming module’s sensing feature allows lamp to be turned ON manually using the lamp’s switch or the integrated ON/OFF button
  • Lamp dimming module provides polarized 300W-120VAC NEMA 1-15R receptacle for use with incandescent lamps
  • Lamp dimming module’s electro-mechanical push button located on side of device for inclusion and ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT operation
  • Lamp dimming module offers an adjustable ramp rate (up to 4 minutes)
  • Appliance switch module provides 120V/AC NEMA 1-15R receptacle for use with a wide variety of lamps
  • Appliance switch module’s electro-mechanical push button located on side of device for inclusion and ON/OFF operation
  • Modules can be controlled remotely by other RF devices through association of up to 5 devices
  • Quiet relay switching
  • Amber LED indicates ON/OFF load status
  • Single button programming
  • Can be included in scenes
  • Child lockout feature
  • All ON/All OFF inclusion
  • Panic mode capability
  • Patented indicator system alerts if module is not set up in the network
  • Configurable “Power ON Status” (ON/OFF/last level)
  • Power failure memory

Power 120V/AC, 60Hz
Lamp Dimmer -300W max
Appliance Switch - 600W max
RF Communication Z-Wave Wireless RF
908.4MHz (North American Region)
RF Frequency Range Up to 60ft (20m)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Operating Temperature +32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)
Enclosure Polycarbonate
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.19in (106.43mm) x 1.32in (33.5mm) x .88in (22.35mm)
Warranty Three Years (Parts & Labor)