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RTI Control and Automation Brings Reliability and Ease of Use to Luxury Yacht


Bridger Automation leveraged RTI control and automation to create a tailored control solution for the audio and video aboard a Horizon Yachts super yacht. It features individual and grouped control zones and accommodates a range of users, resulting in a highly intuitive and reliable control system built for the high seas.

RTI products used:

1x RTI XP-8v Control Processor

1x PCM-4 Port Control Module

1x RM-433 Antenna

10x T1B+ Remotes

1x RTiPanel App for iOS and Android Devices

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In the world of luxury yachts, the demand for seamless control of audio and video integration is paramount. Horizon Yachts embarked on an ambitious project, seeking an integrated AV system that would meet the demands of a discerning client with a 125-foot super yacht, the Vin Xan. Horizon engaged Bridger Automation, who leveraged the power of RTI control and automation to deliver a customized, elegant control experience.

“The client wanted a big package, but being a yacht, we had to think creatively due to space and build requirements,” said Mark Bridger, Director, Bridger Automation. “Horizon Yachts were receptive to our integration into their project and through careful planning, we were able to work with their team and design a completely integrated system.”

Bridger installed multiple Sonance Mariner speakers, SONOS amplifiers, SONOS sounders, Samsung UHD TVs, plus Hik-Vision ColourVu security cameras throughout the five cabins, upper and lower decks, kitchen, and living areas. The client’s vision was clear: They wanted individual zone control for each of the cabins, communal entertaining areas, and crew, but also the convenience of grouping multiple zones for entertaining. The user interface had to be simple and intuitive, especially for the owner and guests. Another important objective was integrating with the vessel’s Maretron vessel monitoring and control system.

The challenges were not only technical; they spanned across continents. The yacht’s construction unfolded in Taiwan, far from Bridger Automation’s base in Australia. It took meticulous planning, and it helped that the RTI control and automation system could be pre-programmed and quickly fine-tuned once the yacht was docked in Australia.

Because users range from the yacht owner and guests to staff and crew, it was important that the control interface cater to varying degrees of tech savviness and comfort levels. For this reason, Bridger Automation selected the RTI T1-B+ remote, with tactile buttons for a ‘familiar’ feel, as well as the RTI Control App for control via iOS devices. In addition, Bridger installed a central in-wall iPad for complete control and integration with the Maretron system. With multiple control options, guests and the yacht’s crew can comfortably interact with system from their iPhone or an iPad or from a remote.

An RTI XP-8v Control Processor integrates all the components of the vessel’s AV system, programmed and customized by RTI Integration Designer software. RTI also enabled Bridger to solve some unique control challenges. For example, to streamline entertaining in multiple audio zones, they created a global audio control page named, “Global Audio.” From there, the client is able to turn the audio on/off or adjust volume in any zone at any time. Similarly, an “All Off” button on the main deck iPad prevents the system from being triggered accidentally from local controllers, iPhones, or iPads. It also effectively powers off all guest AV zones when needed.

“RTI was the only choice for us with regards to this project, as its stable platform and product range were the perfect fit for the system design and user interface,” said Bridger. “Once we had obtained the brief and scope works, we immediately chose RTI’s architecture to deliver this ‘turn-key’ solution.”

The client’s feedback spoke volumes — the system was hailed as remarkably intuitive and easy to use for all users. The blend of simplicity and a well-planned design yielded a truly exceptional solution. The Vin Xan stands as a testament to the power of innovative control integration. RTI enabled a luxurious control system that delivered simplicity, functionality, and reliability on the high seas.

"RTI was the only choice for us with regards to this project, as its stable platform and product range was the perfect fit for the system design and user interface. Once we had obtained the brief and scope works, we immediately chose RTI’s architecture to deliver this ‘turn-key’ solution."
- Mark Bridger President, Director, Bridger Automation

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