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RTI Delivers Simple and Reliable Control in a Themed Home Cinema


There are few film franchises that create butterflies in the stomach as much as Star Wars. Those mature enough to have witnessed the original films the first time around and younger film fans are still enthralled by the universe created around these classic film characters. The Star Wars stories explore eternal concepts of good versus evil, family, loyalty and personal destiny, all wrapped up in a fantastic romp of an adventure. Pure escapism is what they represent, and this home cinema system lives up to that name with its brilliant interior design that creates an air of excitement, even before the movie has begun.

RTI products used:

XP-6s Control Processor

KA-11 In-Wall Touch Panel

T4x Remote Control

RTiPanel License for iPad/iPhone/Android App Control

Voice Control

RTI Case studies available in PDF format

The audio performance in this fully Dolby Atmos enabled cinema is also out of this world constructed as it is from a full suite of Paradigm speakers and subwoofers; these definitely are the speakers you have been looking for!
The full complement includes Paradigm Custom Reference LCRs, Ci Elite E7s and Paradigm Ci Elite E80-Rs. Sub channels are delivered by Paradigm Prestige Sub 2000’s.

Trying to control a whole galaxy of sound without the right hardware is of course a recipe for defeat, so this cinema calls on the power of the StormAudio ISP24 MK2 to make sure the audio appears exactly where it should, when it should. Applying some hyperdrive and grunt to the amplification are a StormAudio PA8 Ultra MK2 and PA16 MK2.

With the audio taken care of, a cinema of this quality also needs images to match and this spectacular room enjoys a huge Screen Research fixed frame acoustically transparent screen (180in) with a masking system that automatically adjusts to the format of the content being shown. This perfect pallet is partnered with a high-performance projector from Italian manufacturer, SIM2 with its Nero 4S Dual system. 

All of this high-performance equipment also needs a clean power base and protection from which to rule. IsoTek equipment is on hand to clean up the power and allows the hardware to reach even higher levels of performance and also protect from power surges or other unusual electrical activity.

Controlling all of this top end equipment is the RTI automation platform which gathers all of the cinema’s abilities together in one easy to follow interface allowing every user to intuitively control every aspect of the sound and vision offered. Well known in the world of home automation, RTI is equally adept at taking control of a serious home cinema system such as this, delivering the speed and ease of control every customer wants. What is really cool here is that the very latest version of RTI’s Apex software allowed the install team to create bespoke interfaces that match exactly the high-concept theme of this room. This process allows RTI to adapt to whatever environment it is controlling, be flexible and still offer a great level of specialization for each project, so every customer can have something completely unique.

The look of this cinema is of course hugely important and this is where the ability to deliver truly bespoke seating solutions from our partners at Fortress Seating is so crucial. Not only do they offer supreme comfort, they help complete the Star Wars theme of the room. This is also true of the Vicoustic acoustic treatment panels built into the cinema. Not only do they focus and improve the sound in the cinema, they also add that extra flourish to complete the look.

We nearly forgot to mention that all of the movies are delivered via Kaleidescape... Of course, we hear you say. Every cinema installer wanting to deliver content, as the movie director intended, will ensure that Kaleidescape takes its place and is included in the ingredients of any cinema creation... Especially this one; it’s simply out of this world!

So, if you want to get the very best in home cinema, you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away, you just contact Pulse Cinemas and our expert installation partners.

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