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RTI Controls Home Cinema in UK Distributor’s Showroom


This stunning room was created with the help of many of the services Pulse Cinemas offers, not just the supply of all the top-quality home cinema systems, but the full design, interiors and technical know-how that comes as standard when working with the company. Whether the system is of modest size and budget or if it’s a full-blown dedicated home cinema at the top end of the market, the value added service from Pulse Cinemas is the same, and the end goal is the same also, make the project the best it can be.

RTI products used:

XP-8v Control Processor

KX-3 In-Wall Touch Panel

T3x White Remote Control

RTiPanel License for iPad/iPhone/Android App Control

Voice Control

RTI Case studies available in PDF format

This is certainly the case here as this beautiful room surrounds all who enter it with comfort and style with its cozy and evocative Moroccan theme. Long before the cleverly hidden AV systems (yes there is more than one hidden within the room) come to life, the room looks and feels very special having gone through a whole series of design phases, mood boards and ideas to reach its final concept.

The design brief was to create a cinema experience that integrates perfectly with the fabric of the room, so transition from at rest mode to full on AV experience feels natural and works with the environment, not against it.
All of the room’s furniture, fixtures and fittings, were designed and bespoke made by Pulse Cinemas’ in-house interiors team to deliver a result of the highest quality, which matched exactly the desired look and feel the team wanted to create within the room.

From the bespoke made sofas, coffee table, cabinets, stretched fabric ceiling and wall panels, everything has been created to compliment the desired look and feel for the room as well as assist the cinema systems in delivering an unforgettable experience.

Double the Performance
As well as making a statement with the furnishings in this sumptuous living space, the audio-visual systems match the interior for precision and accessibility. 

There are in fact two cinemas hidden within the fabric of the room; one based around a high-quality large screen Loewe TV and a Pulse Cinemas speaker package, the second a full Dolby Atmos/DTS:X immersive audio and projector/screen system.

The TV system remains completely hidden behind the beautiful wall paneling until called on, when needed the wall panels gracefully reveal the Loewe TV, frankly a work of art in its own right even before it is switched on. In a world of ‘me too’ brands, this TV maker creates sets that are genuinely unique and complementary to the luxury feel of this living space. Not just easy on the eye, the Loewe TV has the performance to match with stunningly lifelike images for hours of pleasurable viewing whether its movie night, the big match or concert footage. The room’s integrated and hidden speakers, back up the Loewe TV with perfectly balanced audio to match and enhance what is happening on screen.

This room’s other ability is to morph fully from a comfortable living room into a full blown Dolby Atmos/DTS:X cinema, with performance that offers quite astounding levels for a price that will surprise.

Based around one of Pulse Cinemas specially created packages, the cinema offers all the advantages of a BenQ projector, Anthem processing, CI Elite speakers, Screen Research screen, Kaleidescape movie server (which can also be called on for the TV system) and a full acoustic treatment package woven into the fabric of the room from Vicoustic. The room is a fantastic example of how all the ingredients carefully chosen to be in the Pulse Cinemas family can come together and create something very special.

When activated, the fully masked screen appears and sets itself to the correct size for the format of the content to be watched, the subtly hidden BenQ projector comes to life and the audio rises up to meet the images in a perfect crescendo, so anyone in the room cannot help but melt further into the comfy sofas and just enjoy what happens next.

Power is nothing without control and any user experiencing this room can do so quickly and easily with the RTI control system via the 3.5-inch Touch Panel and T3x remote control from the same brand. The same system can also deliver control of the attractive and automated lighting from Lutron. RTI is the perfect platform for home cinema system control as it it delivers the right mix of ease of use and installation speed, with the power to control even the largest and most complex systems. RTI certainly has its work cut out in this room, with two full home cinema systems to shepherd and control. Thankfully the agility of RTI’s Apex software means the install team could create a completely bespoke interface for the room, meaning that although what is going on behind the scenes is complex, controlling it never is. For these reasons, as well as the brand’s range of attractive wall-mounted or hand-held controllers, RTI is Pulse Cinemas’ recommended weapon of choice for AV and home cinema control.

The room and its equipment also benefits from a Pulse-Eight video distribution system offering stability and high-quality content delivery.

IsoTek power conditioning is also in place to ensure clean and spike free power reaches all of the equipment in perfect working order.

If cinema and AV experiences are meant to fit in with the life and home of the user, then this space shows just how far that concept can be taken so both work in total and perfect harmony.

Dealer Information:

Pulse Cinemas

T: +44 1279 647 039

Remote Technologies, Inc.

5775 12th Ave East, Suite 180

Shakopee, MN 55379


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