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Manhattan Luxury Mattress Store Relies on RTI to Bring One-Touch Simplicity to New High-Tech Showroom


For their new 2,500-square-foot showroom, the owner of a Manhattan luxury mattress store wanted to provide a high-tech shopping experience for customers. In addition to incorporating the latest audio, video, and lighting technologies to set the mood and highlight select products, ease of use for employees was a primary concern. To ensure a simple control experience, integrator Mattera Design relied on solutions from RTI.

RTI products used:

1 XP-8v Control Processor

1 AD-4x Audio Distribution System

1 KA8 8-Inch Countertop/Wall Touchpanel

1 VHD-4x X-Series 4x4 HDBaseT Class-B Video Matrix Switcher

1 VDX 14x X-Series 1x4 HDBaseT Class B Video Splitter

6 VHR-1x X-Series HDBaseT Class B Video Receivers

RTiQ Intelligent Remote Management Solution

RTI Case studies available in PDF format

Highlights of the showroom include two 2x3 video walls at its entrance, in addition to 82-inch 8K, 65-inch 4K, and 55-inch 4K displays located throughout the space. Video content from a Samsung media player and two local laptops is distributed to the displays via an RTI VHD-4x X-Series 4x4 HDBaseT Class-B video switcher and VDX-14x HDBaseT splitter, both of which provide reliable delivery of 4K video up to 131 feet away. A Sonos wireless sound system and Episode 70V amplifier deliver background music for the main showroom floor and back consultation area, with distribution to Sonance speakers handled by an RTI AD-4x audio distribution system. Lighting is managed through a Lutron RadioRA 2 system.

For a seamless control experience, the showroom’s lighting and AV systems — in addition to a Luma surveillance system and Wattbox power conditioner — are integrated with an RTI XP-8v control processor via a combination of RS-232 and IP drivers. Staff interact with the system using an RTI KA8 8-inch touchpanel located at the equipment rack. They can send any content to any display and adjust volume and lighting levels as needed, while controlling multiple systems at once using one-touch scenes.

“The store owner wanted to limit the need to tweak settings in the showroom as much as possible, which meant it was critical that we create preset scenes for this installation,” said Joe Mattera, owner of Mattera Design. “That couldn’t be easier with the RTI Integration Designer APEX software, which allows us to precisely tailor the control experience to meet the needs of any client.”

At the beginning of the day, pressing the “Opening” icon on the KA8 automatically sets the showroom lights to a pre-determined brightness, turns on music at a specified level, and powers on all screens. As the day progresses, the “Evening” scene directs the showroom’s lighting towards pre-selected product displays. At closing time, the “Goodbye” scene powers off the screens and music — saving employees the time of doing so manually and ensuring they don’t forget. Lighting is turned off in most of the store, while it is only dimmed in certain areas to highlight product displays and pique the interest of passersby when the store is closed.

“With RTI we were able to deliver exactly what our client was looking for and they couldn’t be more pleased with the result,” added Mattera. “They love the system’s simple operation and the extent to which we were able to customize it. The one-touch scenes in particular have been a big hit, ensuring that employees of any technical skill level can easily operate the store’s systems with very little training.”

"With RTI we were able to deliver exactly what our client was looking for and they couldn’t be more pleased with the result."
- Joe Mattera Owner, Mattera Design

Dealer Information:

Mattera Design Inc.

Joe Mattera, Owner

+1 (646) 455-2600

Remote Technologies, Inc.

5775 12th Ave East, Suite 180

Shakopee, MN 55379


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