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Simple Two-Component RTI Control System Delivers Ease of Use for High-End Home Theater


Sydney, Australia-based integrator Len Wallis Audio relied on RTI to bring high-end home theater under control. From seating to pristine video quality, to great audio, the home theater is nothing short of a marvel.

RTI products used:

XP-6 Advanced Control Processor

RTiPanel App for iPad Control

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For integrators, it takes a lot of planning to deliver the perfect home theater for a client. In addition to booming sound and breathtaking pictures, a key element to an unforgettable home cinema experience is convenient and simple operation of high-end components. And the more sophisticated the system, the greater the need for easy-to-use, intuitive control.

A good example is a recent project completed by Sydney, Australia-based integrator Len Wallis Audio. From seating to audio and video quality, the home theater is nothing short of a marvel. Headed by senior custom sales consultant Alberto Vangi, every detail was carefully considered to deliver a sophisticated result like no other. To carry out his vision, the 22-foot (6.7m) by 13.5-foot (4.1M) room is packed with technologies from the crème de la crème of AV manufacturers.

Seating for the home theater is provided by Row One, with three seats placed in the front and four in the rear. A 146-inch diagonal 2.3.5:1 perforated Stewart Filmscreen Vertical Screenwall ElectriMask features drop-down vertical masking panels to present a cleanly bordered 116-inch 1.78:1 image. Dazzling picture quality is delivered by a Sony 4K Laser VPL-VW760ES projector, with professional Image Science Foundation (ISF) video calibration taking it to the ultimate level.

And then there’s the sound. B&W cinema range speakers were chosen, with CT7.3 speakers behind the perforated Stewart screen providing the main, left, and center channels. Six in-wall Cinema 7 speakers are being utilized: Two on each side lining up with the seating rows and an additional two along the back wall. To top it off, four Dolby Atmos Cinema 7 ceiling speakers were installed above the seating. Four 12-inch Sunfire subwoofers — two at the front and two at the rear — deliver the spectacular bass. Digital processing of the sound is handled by Yamaha, which also takes care of 4K video switching from media sources, including an Oppo UHD Blu-ray player, Foxel IQ, Apple TV, and Kaleidescape movie server.

That is a lot of high-end equipment at the homeowners’ disposal, but it would have been useless if they couldn’t operate it, and having a table full of remote controls for different components is never an option in a space like this. What was needed was a deceptively powerful solution that made it look easy and didn’t detract from the theater’s sleek design.

Len Wallis went with RTI to bring its creation under control, and all it took was two components. The first is the company’s XP-6 control processor, which was easily able to reign in all the home theater’s technologies. The second is the RTiPanel app running on an iPad mini, which provides the homeowners with effortless control over every aspect of their home theater experience.

“Not only did RTI replace all of the individual component remotes with an elegant app, but it left the homeowners completely confident in operating their system,” said Vangi. “This was especially important for the Stewart masking screen. With the press of a single button, they can select between the 16:9 and 2.35.1 Cinemascope format options, with the Stewart screen masking raising and lowering as required. Our client is overjoyed with their home theater and providing them with a high level of control was an essential element in achieving that result.”

"Not only did RTI replace all of the individual component remotes with an elegant app, but it left the homeowners completely confident in operating their system."
- Alberto Vangi Senior Custom Sales Consultant, Len Wallis Audio

Dealer Information:

Len Wallis Audio

64 Burns Bay Road

Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia

T: (02) 9427 6755

Remote Technologies, Inc.

5775 12th Ave East, Suite 180

Shakopee, MN 55379


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