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Lairds AV uses custom control to provide guests with the ultimate experience at Seamill Hydro Hotel


The hotel owners of Seamill Hydro Hotel, in Seamill, Scotland, wanted an effortless control system for the robust video, audio, lighting, and blind systems integrated into the luxurious Glen Rosa Suite. Using RTI’s powerful XP-6 control processor, KX3 in-wall touchpanels, and a Sony Experia tablet running RTiPanel app for Android, electronic systems contractor Lairds AV fully realized its clients’ vision, providing the hotel’s guests with a seamless control experience throughout the suite.

RTI products used:

1 - XP-6 control processor

2 - KX3 in-wall touchpanels

RTiPanel apps for Android

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Overlooking the Isle of Arran and surrounded by the Ayrshire countryside, Seamill Hydro Hotel boasts the perfect location to appreciate the unrivalled beauty and tranquility Seamill, Scotland, has to offer. Seamill Hydro Hotel has become the prime location for weddings and a popular holiday destination for families thanks to major renovations done over the past decade, completely transforming the family-owned property. It has been designed throughout to reflect the luxury and comfort that appeals to a wide range of clientele, and to meet their continued demands and expectations. Providing the best experience possible meant an investment in technology and control systems that would allow the hotel to maximize its functionality without compromising its modern Victorian grandeur.

The Glen Rosa suite is a prime example of the opulent finishes this hotel has to offer. The suite was formed from three existing rooms and bathrooms. It’s decorated to reflect luxury and tranquility, which is enhanced by bay windows offering stunning panoramic views of both the Ayrshire coastline and the mountains of Arran. Another central element of this suite is its robust technology features. The hotel owners wanted to provide ample functionality by enabling easy accessibility to the media systems throughout the suite. Through careful planning and consideration, no compromise was made to the design. The systems needed to emphasize effortless control.

Electronic systems contractor Lairds AV was tasked with finding a solution that would fulfill the owners’ vision of an integrated system that would allow guests to independently control the entertainment systems within their rooms, be durable enough to withstand constant use, and enable the flexibility to introduce new devices or systems within the room down the road. Lairds AV decided RTI was the best fit for the job. First and foremost, RTI’s XP-6 control processor and customizable user interfaces provided supreme flexibility, merging the home and commercial environments seamlessly. They also provided the functionality, capability, and ease of use that the hotel required as part of the suite experience.

A wall-mounted thin-bezel large screen TV was installed in the master bedroom while a complete entertainment system consisting of a surround sound system and another thin-bezel large screen TV was placed in the lounge. Relaxation and indulgency was the theme for the bathroom, where an Aquavision TV with an inbuilt speaker system, mood lighting, and blind control were installed. A PlayStation 4 and Blu-Ray Disc player rounded out the entertainment system, and can be accessed from any location within the suite.

“The Seamill Hydro Hotel has a rich tradition of providing its guests with an unforgettable experience, and a big part of that is providing accommodations, such as the Glen Rosa Suite, that go above and beyond,” said Mark Laird, CEO, Lairds AV. “In the Glena Rosa Suite, the hotel owners envisioned a suite that provided guests with a remarkable experience, right down to the control of the audio, video, lighting, and blind systems. With RTI’s powerful control and programming capabilities, we were able to create a seamless and intuitive control ecosystem that adds to the luxurious experience in the suite.”

Hotel customers interact with the system using a Sony Experia tablet running the RTiPanel app, which has been custom designed using the hotel’s logo and preferred imagery. From the user-friendly tablet interface, guests can control the Mode Lighting system, the blinds, as well as any of the TV’s or audio system’s media. RTI has the capability to support a number of systems and applications, giving the hotel the option of expanding the system or changing the current system functions at any time. In addition, Lairds AV can remotely connect via secure VPN and quickly program any changes, allowing the hotel to minimize any disruptions to its guests.

As well as the ability to control the systems from the tablet, users can seamlessly operate all the audio, video, and lighting systems directly from two other control devices located within the suite. Installed in the lounge and the bedroom, these KX3 in-wall touchpanels feature 3.5-inch LCD touchscreens that allow guests to control the multi-zone audio and media — making all-inclusive automation possible for anyone by simply tapping a screen.

The Glen Rosa Suite reflects the hotel’s high standards for which its known. When combined with RTI’s robust and customizable interfaces and control processors, it creates an elegant automation environment where clients can totally immerse themselves in effortless content and system control, even while moving from room to room. Using the suite of RTI tools, any system or third-party component can be easily added to the control mix, unleashing power and functionality without increasing complexity for the user.

Feedback from the installation has been extremely positive. From the hotel owners and the management staff, to their guests, they all love the system’s practicality and ease of use. The Glen Rosa Suite is a perfect example of how RTI can benefit and enhance any environment, from residential to commercial environments.

"With RTI’s powerful control and programming capabilities, we were able to create a seamless and intuitive control ecosystem that adds to the luxurious experience in the suite."
- Mark Laird CEO, Lairds AV

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