RTI Music Short Tutorials

Getting Started Video

Start here to learn the basics of what you'll need for your first MS-3 setup. Then watch the videos below for some subject-specific instruction.


Configuring the Players

Configuring Pandora Accounts

Configuring Spotify Accounts

Issues with Spotify Usernames

Configuring SiriusXM Accounts

Configuring Commercial SoundMachine Account

Configuring a Free iHeart Radio Account

Configuring a TuneIn Account 

Settings and More

The File Menu

Setting the System Time

Creating Schedules

Setting Access Control

Network Setup

Play Enforcement

Music Playback

Updating the MS-3

Rebooting and Best Practices

Adding Personal Music Libraries

Set up a Custom Home Path

Setting up Custom Path Names

System Architecture

Adding Players

Support and Remote Access

Summary Introduction

Adding RTI Music Driver to ID11

Adding RTI Music Driver to ID9

Volume Sync Settings