RTI Music Short Tutorials

Getting Started Video

Start here to learn the basics of what you'll need for your first MS-3 setup. Then watch the videos below for some subject-specific instruction.


Configuring the Players

Configuring Pandora Accounts

Configuring Spotify Accounts

Issues with Spotify Usernames

Configuring SiriusXM Accounts

Configuring Commercial SoundMachine Account

Configuring a Free iHeart Radio Account

Configuring a TuneIn Account 

Settings and More

The File Menu

Setting the System Time

Creating Schedules

Setting Access Control

Network Setup

Play Enforcement

Music Playback

Updating the MS-3

Rebooting and Best Practices

Adding Personal Music Libraries

Set up a Custom Home Path

Setting up Custom Path Names

System Architecture

Adding Players

Support and Remote Access

Summary Introduction

Adding RTI Music Driver to ID9

Adding RTI Music Driver to APEX