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RTI Control Solution for Revox Multiuser System

Driver Delivers Intuitive, Customizable Control Over Multiroom Audio Solution Via RTI's Line of Remotes, Touchpanels, and the RTiPanel App

SHAKOPEE, Minn. — Jan. 23, 2020 — RTI, a global leader in control and automation, today announced the availability of a new two-way driver for the Revox Multiuser System. With the driver, dealers are now able to meet the demand for intuitive operation of the high-end multiroom audio solution via RTI's lineup of sleek handheld remotes, advanced touchpanel controllers, and the RTiPanel app for mobile devices.

The Revox Multiuser System provides users with access to innumerable internet radio and streaming services, and allows them to incorporate music servers, CD players, and even televisions as sources. Unlike conventional multiroom audio solutions, the system is built on a user-centric operating concept. Users simply select themselves by name and the system — already knowing their favorites — starts to immediately play their music at a defined volume level. The experience continues throughout the home — fully synchronized and in true studio sound quality — as they confirm their name from room to room. The Revox Multiuser System is frequently being used in private homes as well as in hotels worldwide.

"Many Revox dealers and their customers have been requesting a sleek, modern remote for control over our Multiuser System," said Jürgen Imandt, Marketing Manager of the Revox Group. "RTI offers the perfect solution. Its remote controls offer the eye-catching design users crave, and the tight integration with the Multiuser System allows any change in the system to be automatically applied to the other RTI controllers in the home. The result is a simply amazing control experience."

By incorporating RTI handheld remotes into the Multiuser System, users can browse their favorites and adjust the audio source on a completely customizable touchscreen, while enjoying the convenience of soft-touch buttons for access to commonly used functions, such as volume control. The controllers' integrated grip sensors keep the devices awake during use, while an accelerometer provides instant-on activation.

"Revox's solutions are known for their excellent sound quality and timeless designs," said Paul Key, Director of Integration, RTI. "We are proud to offer an intuitive control experience for this innovative approach to multiroom audio."

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Date 01/23/2020