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Welcome to Integration Designer 11

Integration Designer 11 combines powerful new control and automation programming tools with a beautiful new user interface for the fastest custom installation ever.

The new Integration Designer 11 elevates every installation, from single-room projects—media room, office, boardroom—to sophisticated smart homes and commercial spaces. Its integrated System Manager and built-in Driver Store add programming power while saving time on every project. And the beautifully intuitive new "Coral" user interface elevates the user experience even further.

"Integration Designer 11 is the absolute best of all worlds in programming software.  No other platform has a complete 'do it for me' capability and the ability to customize every aspect of the interface and control in a single package. With ID11 the answer to every situation and client request is YES."

   - Steven Brawner
     ProAudio Georgia
     Pro Audio Carolinas

New User Interface

The new “Coral” template—with swappable backgrounds, customizable sliders, scrolling viewports for mobile devices, new graphics and fonts—delivers a beautiful user interface on every project. And the Coral template's auto-programming simplifies your UI creation, saving you valuable time on every installation.

Add Power with the System Manager

With its adaptive auto-programming intelligence, the System Manager adds feedback for rooms, devices, and automations, enabling programming to be shared across the project and saving valuable time.  Let’s say you create a macro for the AVR, cable box, lighting, and shades when watching cable TV in the family room. The System Manager remembers those commands and brings them forward to your next related macro, such as when you add a Blu-ray player or Roku media streamer to the room.

Drivers at Your Fingertips

With the built-in Driver Store, you have access to all drivers without leaving the software and searching on a separate driver site. This save you time and also ensures you are always working with the most current drivers. Updating an existing system? Integration Designer 11 will tell you which drivers need an update.

Exceptional Experiences 

Integration Designer 11 enables you to deliver  experiences that always exceed your clients' expectations.  From single room to luxury home, from small office to a large sports bar or restaurant, with RTI and Integration Designer 11, it's under control.

More About Easy and Efficient Programming

Logical and Structured Programming

Integration Designer 11 is a guided and organized approach to control application programming, always efficient and as fast as you need to be.


Once a device is added, a custom interface is created, and commands and feedback are auto-programmed, saving time, but still fully customizable.


With integrated macro and variable levels, integration designer 11 lets you easily revise or correct command structures throughout different areas of the interface, making it easy to perform maintenance no matter how large the project.


In addition to its new UI template Integration Designer 11 has a built-in graphics package that allows you to resize your graphics to match every resolution. Its graphical capabilities give you the ability to customize all your projects.


Integration Designer 11's layers create an easy and efficient way of building a framework in one specific area and making it available throughout the interface.  

System Manager

The System Manager tracks the status of every device in the system, simplifying your programming, improving system performance, and saving valuable time.

Swapping Devices

Drivers, IR libraries, and serial devices are completely interchangeable, enabling you to swap out code sets in favor of others when a system change is required. 

Swapping Graphical User Interfaces

Integration Designer 11 provides graphics that are scalable and completely customizable, enabling you to build exciting custom interfaces with ease.

Modifying Macros

Modifying and repurposing macros has never been easier. It is easy to copy and paste macros into other buttons and change the structure for that function.

Exporting and Importing Bundles

Once an interface is fully developed and perfected by the programmer, a device can be exported and imported into the same project or future projects.