House of Worship Technology Made Easy.

Houses of worship demand a unique breed of control and Audio/Video system. Robust capacity and exceptional flexibility combine with one-touch simplicity to meet the needs of frequently changing, non-technical users. 

Beyond ease of use, RTI professional-grade solutions provide durability and reliability you can always count on in front of an audience.

Enhance the Experience

The powerful RTI control and automation system makes it easy and intuitive to control not only audio and video signals but also lights, shades, HVAC and security. With fully custom control, it's simple to deliver a truly memorable experience in the sanctuary, common areas, classrooms and more.

Easy and Intuitive

Master the technology with RTI and discover how much you can achieve with one touch. A customized, easy to understand graphical user interface enables anybody to confidently control the technology. RTI offers a broad selection of user interfaces from tabletop and in-wall touchpanels to control apps for tablets, smartphones and PC's.

Automated Scenarios

Whether it's preparing the sanctuary for service, starting up the digital signage in the common areas or playing a video in all the classrooms, complex multi-step tasks are reduced to a button press or a time-based event that requires no interaction at all.

Spread the Message

From announcements for upcoming events to broadcasting the live service, more and more, audio and video are utilized to deliver the message to everyone in a house of worship. RTI Audio/Video Distribution solutions reliably switch and distribute audio and video signals to where they are needed – in the best quality possible. High resolution video can be transmitted over long distances using state-of-the-art technology. Learn about RTI video over IP solutions.

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