Unauthorized Dealers - Where NOT to buy RTI or Pro Control products

Internet Sales of RTI and Pro Control Products Are NOT Authorized

RTI creates products that allow any electronics system, regardless of complexity, to be controlled and automated easily and reliably. To ensure the best possible user experience, all RTI products are designed to be installed and programmed by trained and certified professional System Integrators. These professional System Integrators are trained to be proficient with the RTI programming software. They are also experienced in navigating the complex dynamics that can exist when integrating a variety of different technologies and devices in a sophisticated electronics system. RTI does not sell our products directly to consumers.

The ONE exception:
Replacement Batteries are available from the RTI battery webstore: https://rtiwebstore.myshopify.com/
No other RTI products for sale online are authorized.
When in doubt please visit the Find an RTI Dealer webpage or contact RTI directly to inquire about authorized dealers in your area.

WARRANTY NOTE: Any RTI or Pro Control products that are sold through online retailers will not be covered by any type of warranty, nor will they be eligible for any type of service or support.

Websites that are NOT authorized to sell RTI or Pro Control products

• Amazon.com - RTI products listed for sale on Amazon.com are NOT authorized by Remote Technologies Inc.
• BLINQ.com (Website and Amazon storefront)
• Century21 Electronics (Amazon storefront)
• Capital Electronics (Amazon storefront)
• Amerisponse.com
• AudiophileLiquidator.com
• HifielityStore.com
• Extremeliquidator.com
• Garrett-SmartHome.com
• themostsavings.com
• Bestofaudio.com
• SuperiorHiFi.com
• LightAV.com
• IndependentAudioVideo.com
• neobits.com
• Electronics-depot.com
• iTradeUSA.com
• ProAVDealer

RTI products that are sold online and are described as New or Factory "A” Stock, etc. may be one of the following:
• Used
• Stolen
• Damaged
• Refurbished or "B Stock"
• Discontinued
• Counterfeit

In many cases products purchased online will have their serial number either removed or altered by the unauthorized reseller. Removal or tampering of serial numbers on RTI products is strictly prohibited. It will cause the automatic voiding of any warranty and denial of any RTI service or support.

Online Auctions

The RTI factory warranty is not transferable, therefore please be aware that used RTI products purchased on auction sites such as eBay® or Craigslist® will not be covered by any warranty. Also, the Integration Designer programming software is only legally available directly from RTI. It is licensed and distributed to authorized RTI Dealers only. The Integration Designer software is required to program all RTI control products.

If you plan on selling your RTI product on one of these auction websites:
• You are not allowed to use any RTI copyrighted images or text.
• Please notify potential buyers that they will need to hire a professional system integrator to program and install their RTI products.
• Notify the potential buyer that the product warranty is not transferrable.

RTI urges you to use diligence and common sense when purchasing RTI products online, as it is likely that you will be unsatisfied with the results.