AMV-340 Single Channel 70V/100V Mixer Amplifier – 40W

The AMV-340 is a compact-sized professional-grade Class-D 70/100V amplifier for commercial distributed speaker systems. Capable of 70 or 100 Volt transmission of audio signals, the amplifier allows the distance between amplifier and speaker to be extended by a factor of 10 and more.

AMV-340 is designed for hotel, bar/restaurant grocery store application or any application where long-distance wiring of multiple speakers is required. It can also be used as a PA system, playing background music and making announcements via the connected microphone.

Three switchable audio inputs allow up to three analog/digital audio sources to be mixed with the microphone signal. The adjustable balanced / unbalanced microphone input supports condenser, dynamic or wireless microphones. The mixed signal is then available at the 70/100V 40 Watt powered speaker output. The speaker wattage determines the number of speakers that can be used. For instance, up to four 10 Watt speakers can be driven by the AMR-340's 40 Watt amplifier.

The AMV-340 offers various control options with RS-232 as well as a front control panel.

Included in the box:
AMV-340, power cord, mounting ears (2) with screws, pluggable terminal block (1), power adapter 36V DC 2.66A (1), plastic cushions (4)

    • Three input, one output 70/100V audio mixer/amplifier.
    • Two analog audio inputs, one digital audio input (switchable).
    • Balanced/unbalanced adjustable microphone input with 48V phantom power for condenser, dynamic or wireless microphones.
    • Supports microphone mixing to an audio line source
    • Fast switching speed
    • Built-in Class-D amplifier
    • Power Output: 40 Watts, 70/100 Volts.
    • EQ control (bass / treble).
    • RS-232 control.
    • Compact form factor with noiseless convection cooler.

Note: To avoid damage to the speakers, only connect 70 or 100 Volt speakers or use regular speakers with step-down transformers.

Power Supply +24 VDC, 2.71A
Mounting Surface / wall mount or free standing
Audio Input One Line Input Stereo (RCA jack)
One Line Input Stereo (3.5 mm jack)
One Digital Optical Input (TOSLINK)
Microphone Input One balanced/unbalanced (3-pin Phoenix Connector),
Switchable Line / 48V Phantom Power
Input Impedance >10K Ohms
Audio Output 70/100 Volts, switchable(4-pin terminal block)
Rated Output Power 40 Watts
Frequency Response 120Hz to 20KHz
Bandwith 120Hz to 20 KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 80dB at maximum output
Channel Separation >75dB @ 20Hz to 20Khz
Voltage Gain 26dB
CMRR >70dB @ 120Hz~20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise @ 1KHz 1% at nominal level
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise @ 20KHz 0.3% at nominal level
Front Panel Control 5 Buttons for Input Select, Volume and EQ
RS232 Control One, Bidirectional control (3-pin Phoenix connector)
Operating Temperature C -10 to +40 degrees F +14 to +104 degrees
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Dimensions WxHxD 5.11" (130mm) x 1.73" (44mm) x 5.66" (144mm)
Weight 1.89lb (860g)
Warranty Three Years (Parts & Labor)

All features and specifications subject to change without notice.