Introducing Intelligent Meetings

Make every meeting an in-person meeting.


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Intelligent Surfaces.

New touchpanels with elevated control for home and business.

Coming in July.

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See them now.

Smart control and automation

From the boardroom to the classroom to the dining room, RTI control and automation elevates every commercial and residential setting.

A home that pays attention.

What if your home anticipated your needs? And turned up the heat before you were cold… turned on the lights before you came home… warmed up the hot tub before you asked… turned off the sprinklers when rain was in the forecast.

What if your home became your favorite 'vacation' destination?

It's easy. With RTI.

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An office that inspires productivity.

Imagine the office that fosters collaboration… even when you work from home.

Or a lecture hall where the A/V system launches with a single touch.

RTI integrates command and control with media distribution for an exceptional experience that inspires coworkers and classmates.

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A restaurant that personalizes the experience.

Imagine the bartender controlling the games on the big screens from her iPhone, while the maître d’ taps a touchpanel to gently adjust the music volume for the outdoor diners.

Meanwhile, the manager gets a notice if the wine cellar door is left open… all within the same RTI system.

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