Philips Hue Lighting System (v2.X)


This driver controls the Hue family of lighting devices.


Please Note: This driver is only supported by Integration Designer or newer. Also, old versions of the Phillips Hue driver are not compatible with the new Version 2.0 release in order to update the system will need to be reconfigured.


Version History:

2.0 - The original release of the driver

2.01 - Several bug fixes:

-Not setting the debug option will no longer cause a driver crash
-Brightness function will now use dynamic light names

-Fixed bug where using more than one Hue bridge would sometimes result in the driver failing to connect

-Added in missing discrete on / off commands for the power

-Fixed a bug where using more than 10 lights would cause System functions / variables to break

-Source IDs are now dynamically named to improve user experience

-Groups are now dynamically named

2.11 - Added temperature control

Installation Files
Philips Hue Driver Files