Ecobee Thermostats

This driver is for the Ecobee line of Wifi Thermostats. Written and tested using Ecobee 3 and 4 WiFi thermostat. Version 1.0 The Initial release of the driver. 1.01 Adds two-way thermostat list for selected device. Adds selected thermostat boolean variables for reverse state. 1.02 Fixes a Config File bug, where new system files failed but the sample system file still functioned. 1.03 Fixes a Set Temperature (slider) bug that affected feedback while in Auto Mode. 1.04 Fixes pin request issue for expired refresh token. 1.05 Fixes issue with Token and PIN code lengths.



SPECIAL NOTICE - When updating the driver the current authorization to the Ecobee account may need to be removed and then reauthorized due to the new PIN code and Token requirements.


This driver also controls Bryant Housewise and Carrier Cor Thermostats

Installation Files
Ecobee Driver Info
Driver Version: 1.05