This driver is for use with DoorBird Doorbell stations.

This driver supports door bell, door open, and motion events along with open door and light on commands. Version 1.1 adds Dynamic JPEG Image Variables, Station Speaker/Microphone Level commands, and updates the sample file with examples of how to implement SIP with the DoorBird and a SIP enabled RTI interface. Version 1.12 fixes an issue where additional station events may not trigger consistently and verified operation with current DoorBird firmware. Version 1.13 fixes issue with legacy subscriptions and firmware version 000112.

Please reference the included DoorBird sample file and read through entire DoorBird Info and RTI DoorBird Driver and SIP Configuration Guide documents for information on how to use the driver in conjunction with the VoIP, MJPEG objects, and notifications.

Installation Files
DoorBird Info.pdf
Driver Files - Version 1.13
RTI DoorBird Driver and SIP Configuration Guide.pdf