Barco Pulse Platform

This driver provides Ethernet or serial control of Barco Pulse Platform projectors.


V1.1 adds cropping controls for CinemaScope projectors and fixes a problem that could crash the projector.  V1.2 improves power management, adds additional Warp setting, and adds presets and profiles V1.3 expands realtime signal detection with event triggering on signal type, also adds a Raw Command. V1.31 adds extra boolean variables for Aspect Ratio.


Driver / Firmware Compatibility
RTI Driver v1.3 is compatible with Barco firmware versions 1.6 or greater.
Some functionality (such as Profiles) may only be available within later versions of Barco firmware, please review Barco firmware release notes for more information.

Installation Files
Barco Projector Info
Driver Files - Version 1.31