Deliver Custom Control with Speed and Simplicity.

With Integration Designer APEX, we’re removing more barriers, taking some of the work off your plate so that you can stay focused on creating noticeable value for your clients. APEX gives you an enormous head start on every project, with the speed and efficiency of auto-programming. 

Now, with drag-n-drop GUI editing and resizable graphics, you also have the freedom to deliver the intuitive control experience your clients desire. From single-room residential projects to sophisticated smart homes and commercial spaces, the power and flexibility of the RTI control platform provides the scalability to compete in any market.

Save Time

APEX provides improved workflow through logical and structured programming that saves you valuable time.

User Experience

With a fully customizable GUI and extensive graphics library, you have the ability to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces with ease.

Easy Maintenance

The integrated macro and variable levels make it easy to revise and correct command structures no matter how large the project is.


Export fully programmed user interfaces you’ve created for use on future projects. Once imported into a new project, you can still adjust the user interface to the needs of your next client.

How Integration Designer APEX Makes Programming Easy and Efficient.

Logical and Structured Programming

Integration Designer APEX offers a guided and organized approach to programming. Once a system file is developed it is easy to take one look at the system tree and understand how the system was intended to function.


Once a device is added, a custom interface is created, and commands and feedback are auto-programmed, saving you valuable time. All auto-created user interfaces are fully customizable.


Using APEX’s integrated macro and variable levels, you can easily revise or correct command structures throughout different areas of the interface, making it easy to perform maintenance no matter how large the project.


APEX has a built-in graphics package that allows you to resize your graphics, matching every resolution. You can embed bitmaps into other bitmaps, and the graphical capability gives you the ability to customize all your projects.


A popular request from RTI dealers for many years, layers are here! An easy and efficient way of building framework in one specific area, making it available throughout the interface. Make changes in one place and impact the entire interface. Managing pop-ups, toolbars and scrolling list menu selections has never been easier!.

Room Proxy

The powerful Room Proxy feature allows you to dynamically “point” powerful macros to individual rooms based on the room that was selected by the end-user. This reduces the need to create multiple pages, saving valuable time and reducing page builds.

Swapping Devices

Drivers, IR libraries, and serial devices are completely interchangeable, enabling you to swap out code sets in favor of others when a system change is required. RTI software has never been easier for project maintenance.

Swapping Graphical User Interfaces

Integration Designer APEX provides graphics that are scalable and completely customizable. Embed icons into buttons and resize images within the software on the fly to build exciting custom interfaces with ease.

Modifying Macros

Modifying and recycling macros has never been easier. Easily toggle through library commands after the macro has already been built, making programming fast and efficient. It is super easy to copy and paste macros into other buttons and easily change the structure for that function.

Exporting and Importing Bundles

Once an interface is fully developed and perfected by the programmer, a device can be exported and imported into the same or future interfaces. Bundles allows you to build a device library that contain a graphical user interface with functionality that you can use repeatedly in all your projects.

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